Seven Things

A video adaptation of Maria Popova’s October 2013 Essay.

A video adaptation of Maria Popova (Brain Pickings) October 2013 Essay.  In 7 Things I Learned in 7 Years of Reading, Writing, and Living, Maria shares her reflections on living a life that fulfills your heart, mind, and spirit. For this video I hand-lettered animated, and We worked with Maria to have her voice her words and have creative input on bringing them to life.

I even created a “how-to” that shows how I got the lettering animation effect.

For: Dissolve
Role: Design, lettering, animation & video production.
Creative Director: Sheldon Popiel
Written by Maria Popova
Additional writing by Lori Burwash.

A small sliver of the pile o' process
Action shot via  @dissolvefootage