The Carve


The Carve is a modern business magazine for young creatives.

Cover stories, case studies, tips, & personal experiences for creative entrepreneurs, focusing on entertainment value & youth culture. Featuring unusual businesses The Carve is for those who are not interested in the typical 9-5 job. The magazine has a first person tone to connect to the reader. 

The magazine is promoted through guerrilla stickers placed in places like washrooms, on graffitiand on event posters; anywhere people can be found expressing their creativity. The stickers prompt the reader to channel that creative energy into a job that can make them money. The second advertising touchpoint is transit shelter and university interactive installations where people walking by are asked to participate and write crazy things they wish they could get paid to do on a plexiglass board. The third touchpoint is online, utilizing cookies that track what the person last googled, ads will appear on websites such as Cool Hunting and You Tube and the blank will be filled in with their latest search.

Collaborative project with Kelsey Hughes